MAY 2-7, 2022 | 250ish Miles



The Cocodona 250 links together some of the most iconic trails and towns in Arizona for one monumental undertaking of 250 consecutive miles. Join us in May 2022 for this life altering ultramarathon.

Cocodona 250 takes runners from Black Canyon City up into the Bradshaw Mountains – an area steeped in gold mining lore – to the historic town of Crown King. The course then traverses more of the Bradshaws, up and over Mount Union, and snakes down into Prescott where it cuts straight through town on Whiskey Row and out into the iconic Granite Dells. From Prescott the course heads up and over Mingus Mountain into the town of Jerome and onward through Sedona, experiencing a mix of stunning red rock formations and high desert vistas. As runners leave Sedona, the course starts to get into the pines of Flagstaff, finishing up and over Mt Elden and into downtown Flagstaff. It is an extraordinary undertaking and gives runners an incredible point-to-point experience through some of the best landscapes that Arizona has to offer.


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